Boot Camp

  • One Month      $129.00
  • Monthly reocurring fee with a 30 days cancellation notice $89.00 per month

Personal Training

At Get America Fit we provide all the tools needed to make your training more successful. After almost 30 years of combined experience it is our belief in finding solutions based on your preferences. Long term if you do not like to eat a certain way it is going to make it very difficult to commit.

Our solution is to help you choose the foods you like to eat while making modifications and understanding how many calories to eat in relation to your activity. We take all the hard work out of meal planning.
  • Choose the style of eating from our already pre-built menu plans
  • Nutrition - Menus - Recipe - Instructions - Shopping list 

Diabetic - Zone - Ketogenic - Paleo - Low carb - Athletic performance - Gluten free