Boot Camp Programs

At Get America Fit, we have a 12-week schedule of workouts designed to give our certified personal trainers and group fitness instructors a solid foundation for leading any class regardless of fitness level. This always keeps your workout interesting and motivating.

We take our experience and build programs that work for anyone willing to put in the work and commit with a program long enough to get the desired results.

As a weight loss & exercise specialists, both myself and my wife Stephanie know from our combined 30 plus years of experience that simply showing up for class doesn't make the weight or fitness level improve to your desired result. That is why we provide education based on risk factors you are looking to change, nutrition advice based on your likes and dislikes, and healthy recipes to give you, ideas for the table, plus a whole lot of support through email and private Facebook groups. Our programs follow three phases, so all fitness levels are being challenged.


Just getting back into fitness and establishing your base fitness level with our basic fitness tests to establish a bench mark that you can gauge all your progress moving forward. This phase can last 1 to 3 months, depending on many factors and in some, cases could be longer. But moving towards a safe goal that you have established with the help of your coach.

  • 1 mile walk / run (Based on your time)
  • Wall Squat (Based on how long you can hold)
  • Plank (Based on how long you can hold)
  • Push-Up (Based on how many you can do)


You have established a foundation and are getting used to working out and moving towards your goal. At this point you will see your scores improving on your fitness test that we take once a month. You should be noticing big changes in how you look and feel if you are following the program and showing up for regular sessions. Energy levels are increasing, clothes are getting looser ☺ all the while your mood will be improving. Exercise and eating healthy have a truly magic effect on the body.


By the time you are in the blue, we expect exercise and eating healthy to be a very big part of your daily actions. We feel at this point you will crave the participation of working out with your Get America Fit group. You will be amazed at how much you're running/walking times have improved, push-up numbers have increased and you can hold a plank forever.  Although these are just a few of the exercises you will be performing!

It truly is hard for a deconditioned, overweight person to imagine themselves in a healthy fit vibrant body. If you put your trust in our program and give 100%, we promise to support you all the way to your goals!


Get America FitTogether!

If you would like to try a camp for free, we have a 1 week free trial. Just fill out the application and sign the waiver and search for a camp nearest to your location.

If you find that we do not have a location near you and you would like to start one with some friends please go over to our Start A Camp page and fill out the form and someone will reach out to you within 24 hours.