Why Get America Fit


I feel that my fitness career has come full circle, back when I first started as a fitness professional I had a successful boot camp that I left to open a health club!

Quite honestly, I had way more fun and less stress teaching my boot camps than I ever had owning two 24 Hour Gyms Rewards cant always be measured by the amount of money you make, and I would advise against it, but to truly find what makes you happy and allows you the most freedom to live a healthy vibrant life on your terms

Get America Fit was an idea that has taken a long time to come to conception maybe it was meant to be this way so that me and my wife would have the all the experiences from running multiple clubs to truly understand how we wanted to make this happen. I always knew that to Get America Fit we needed to adopt a different mindset and start a movement that would include other fitness professionals from all walks of life.

Around 16 percent of the population frequent a gym at any given time, it is the people who wouldnt set foot in a health club that are in need off our help the most.

You see them struggling every day to make the right choices or make their health a priority. Our mission at Get America Fit, is to make families stronger fitter healthier because as a family unit everyone wins when youre in it together. At Get America Fit, we make you a priority and give you all the tools to reach your personal goals.

A safe comfortable exercise program regardless of weight or limitations, modifications based on your abilities all backed up with nutrition education delivered in a non-judgmental environment designed to make success guaranteed!!!

Lets Get America FitTogether!